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Welcome To Institute of Computer Application

Mr. T.R.Venkataraman


In the present context, the two most important parameters to decide the quality and image of an Education Institution like a College are : 1. University Results of the final examination 2. Placement of the students of that institution. As far as our college is concerned, we are doing fine as the percentage of placement is nearly 100% right from the commencement of Architecture and MCA courses along with the University results nearly 100% every year. It will not be an exaggeration to point out that during the past two years, our students are selecting the companies instead of companies selecting them.
It is also to be pointed out that our MCA students have been placed in leading organizations like L&T, Reliance, Zeus Learning, Wipro etc. Similarly, our Architecture students are also getting opportunity to work with leading organizations like Architect Hafeez Contractor, Vivek Bhole Associates, Prism Architects etc. It is also gratifying to note that our MCA students have elevated themselves in the hierarchy of IT companies to impressive heights. Similarly many of our Architecture students have exhibited their exceptional business acumen by starting their own Architecture firms.
Though our performance was uniformly good for the so many years we have to face some challenges in the ensuing academic year because of the changes introduced in United States, in the area of employment and granting of visa for foreigners. Nevertheless, we are confident that our students will continue to be in demand in our old country despite the new changes.

As a proverb goes, "Nothing Succeeds like Success."

T.R. Venkataraman




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