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Welcome To Institute of Design


Since its foundation in 1994, the college is recognised for its highly dedicated and qualified faculty members, sufficient infrastructure and a strong community outreach programme. We are committed to the welfare of each student, encouraging them to imbibe values that will mould them into the standard bearers of excellence in their chose field, keeping in mind their individual merits and strengths. We mentor our students to maintain their originality and develop a goal-oriented attitude.

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In the metropolitan of Mumbai, there is a vast demand for specialized and trained INTERIOR DESIGNERS and DECORATORS. Other institutes presently offering education in Interior Designing and Decoration much less fulfill this demand. In fact, all the latest trends of design in this country have originated from Mumbai and such city has a vast potential for formal training in this intricate field of INTERIOR ENVIRONMENT DESIGNING.

Keeping this in mind in 1997, Late Bhausaheb Hiray Smarnika Samiti Trust has setup "INSTITUTE OF DESIGN" on Plot No. 341, Next to New English School, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 051. This area of Bandra is yet undergoing major development and is also convenient for students from South Mumbai and Suburban Mumbai, an institute of design offering Certificate Diploma Courses in Computer Aided Interior Space Design and Management, the institute is ideally located.

The Institute of Design, which is one of the HIRAY GROUP OF INSTITUTES, has department of Interior Design. It is conducting Full Time and Part Time courses such as (i) Certificate in Computer Aided Interior Space Design and Management, (ii) Diploma in Computer Aided Space Design and Management.

The Interior Design Department would want to broaden its arena to impart education through socially required (Part Time) short-term special courses namely; (a) Certificate in PERSONALITY ENHANCEMENT & COMMUNICATION SKILLS (30 Hours) and (b) Diploma in SET DESIGN (60 Hours).

(Interior Design Deptt.)



While the world has moved on such, that you have a choice about everything, from how you like your tea/coffee to how you personalize your demine and bikes in megacities like Mumbai. On the other hand, Scientifically and Ergonomically considered and evaluated Space design has still to catch up.
In my opinion, one must not forget while designing any environmental spaces (Exterior or Interior) either in smart city or Green architecture or Green Interior, to have a main basic CONCEPT (idea) of providing and /or furnishing environmental spaces for various activity performance, consideration of safety desired, comfort to user/users. This is because profession of architecture and Interior Designing also , are covered under "CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT"
Hence, while imparting education to the students of Interior Design course, it is essential that teachers should stress on the students that Interior Design proposal/assignments should be such that it should not cause any physical problem to the users and should create appropriate mood to perform the perspective required activities with desired comfort, safety and ease of maintenance in respective spaces.

Keeping in mind the above and my suggestion and request with reasoning, our teachers give more thrust on the ergonomically aspects while designing along with usability (function) with desired comfort than the looks (aesthetics) only.

Underlisted are departmental Students Various Extra Curricular Activities :

  • FRESHERS PARTY : Our Senior Students of Interior Design Department organize FRESHERS PARTY for First Year (new entrants) students creating very pleasing intermingling introductory atmosphere so that new entrants willingly become part of the interior design department Family.
  • NAVRATRI : One of the evenings during NAVRATRI days, the students celebrate by organising GARBA/RAAS & perform AARTI praying Goddess to prevail upon the best to live in.
  • STUDY TOUR : Department schedules STUDY TOUR of 8 to 10 days during November/ December month for students to get broader exposure and the students are taught the method and manner of measuring interior spaces and furniture. They are asked to submit in (formed) groups, the MEASURED DRAWINGS of the interior spaces measured during the study tour, on return, which are assessed and appreciated and exhibited.
  • TARASH : Our Annual Event (of three or four days) – TARASH, generally scheduled in last week of January every year. This is to evolve appreciable approach on various themes every year. This event comprises of Inter collegiate Interior Design competition, Intra college Annual term work exhibition, on the spot competitions, cultural programmes (Singing, Dancing, Fashion shoes etc.) During this period, not only our students participate, but as ita fragrance and Flavour has spreaded to the students of other colleges / institutes also – they participate, mingle and enjoy.
  • SITE VISIT : Site visits are conducted of modular furniture manufacturing factories, other interior material manufacturing factories, furniture showrooms, site during work in progress, Auditoriums, Hospital etc. for students to observe the circulation, environment feeling, provision of specialized services, interviewing the people working in these spaces etc.
  • SEND OFF EVENT : In the month of April, our Juniors organize SEND OFF event to wish all the seniors most students (Final Year Students), the BEST OF LUCK in making their carrier in the Interior Design Profession.
  • SEMINAR / WORKSHOP: Experts are invited to enlighten and to make aware the students on various specialised subjects and topics, equipments etc. Students learn in our institute all the basic and specialised subjects / education.

I take this opportunity to wish, whole-heartedly all the students, staff, participants of other colleges/institutes. BE SUCESSFUL AND ACHIEVE ALL THE BEST IN LIFE.

Head of Department,
(Interior Design Deptt.)