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Welcome To Institute of Architecture

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Welcome To LBHSST'S Dr.Baliram Hiray College of Architecture



The faculty of Architecture believes in what is said by Martin Luther King Jr. that "Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education", and to achieve this goal the faculty strives hard to upgrade itself so as to provide a safe platform for its students so as to channelize their intelligence and broaden their perspective to the architectural profession. With the aim of building good character in its students the architecture faculty has formed a "Students Guidance committee" that works directly under the supervision of the Principal (I.C.) Ar. Swapna Khade.

The Students Guidance Committee is a collaborative effort of Academic planners, head of extracurricular activist and the student’s council and functions as a mediator between students, Teaching staff and University administration. It is also a unique and equal platform here students are given the opportunity to express their viewpoints liberally to the committee on the matters that concern their physical, emotional and social well-being.

Other facilities include:

  • Study tours.
  • Workshops and Seminars.
  • Design and Research cell.
  • Alumni association.
Student Guidance Committee Member List Committee Head:
  • Ar. Swapna Khade (Principal I. C.)

Head of extracurricular activities:

  • Ar. Sunil Magdum (Vice-Principal)
Division under Academic Coordination:
  • Examination cell
  • Scholarships for students
  • Anti ragging cell
  • Counselling cell (lead by Ms. Gauri Johann)
Division under Extracurricular activities:
  • Annual event – Tarash, Meraki, Visionata
  • Annual sports event
Students Council Members:

University Representative

  • Aditya Soman - SEM-9 (B)

General Secretary

  • Shreesh Jagtap - SEM-5 (A)

Cultural Secretary

  • Shrushti Sevak - SEM-5 (B)

College Ladies Representative

  • Rashi Chaudhary - SEM-5 (A)

Seminar Secretary

  • Dhruvi Dedhia – SEM-5 (A)
  • Nikhil Chavan – SEM-3 (A)

Workshop Secretary

  • Miten Gala – SEM-5 (A)
  • Janki Popat – SEM-3 (B)

Study Tour Secretary

  • Rutuja Kadam – SEM-5 (A)
  • Divya Bardiya – SEM-3 (A)

Exhibition Secretary

  • Pushkar Chopdekar - SEM-5 (A)
  • Rishabh Mittal - SEM-3 (A)

Architectural Competitions Secretary

  • Vedant Khopkar - SEM-5 (A)
  • Aditi Kalal - SEM-3 (A)

Magazine Secretary

  • Priyal Kotian – SEM-5 (A)
  • Riddhi Surve – SEM-3 (B)

Sports Secretary

  • Sachin Avhad – SEM-5 (A)
  • Ruchira Sardesai – SEM-3 (B)

Library Secretary

  • Hinal Mehta - SEM-5 (A)
  • Ashu Lulla - SEM-3 (A)

Anti-Ragging Secretary

  • Vedantee Choudhary – SEM-5 (A)
  • Falguni Thakkar – SEM-3 (B)

Website Secretary

  • Prathamesh Kamble – SEM-5 (A)
  • Shubham Agrawal – SEM-3 (A)


  • Madhurima Kumar – SEM-5 (A)
  • Pallak Arora – SEM-3 (A)

Design,Marketing & Sponsorship Secretary

  • Shivani Ghosalkar – SEM-5 (A)
  • Rushabh Satra – SEM-3 (B)
Second Year B.ARCH

Division A.

  • Nikhil Chavan
  • Jash Bhadricha
  • Aditi Kalal
  • Pallak Arora

Division B.

  • Shubham Mittal
  • Keenan Quadros
  • Ruchira Sardesai
  • Riddhi Surve
Third Year B.ARCH

Division A.

  • Prateek Gadre
  • Manan Haria
  • Rashi Chaudhary
  • Himalee Kedar

Division B.

  • Neale Pereira
  • Dhruvin Shah
  • Krisha Shah
  • Riddhi Parmar
Fourth Year B.ARCH

Division A.

  • Harshit Jain
  • Mark cheyaden
  • Aditi Anerao
  • Kinnari Jadhav

Division B.

  • Ajit Naugudkar
  • Bhaskar Parikh
  • Nidhi Patil
  • Pranali Shah
Fifth Year B.ARCH

Division A.

  • Gajendra Mandrekar
  • Karan Mayekar
  • Jaya Gangawani
  • Shruti Athavale

Division B.

  • Abhishek Mehta
  • Dhruval Shah
  • Rhea Pejavar
  • Gargi Mhatre

A Placement Cell was established in 2016 by the college under which a recruitment drive was organized on August8, 2016 for the Fourth year students.
This initiative helps our students obtain internships in architectural firms based in Mumbai.