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Prerna Din 2021




Don’t celebrate Diwali alone this year…..
This Diwali, KAASH Foundation Mumbai in association with Dr. Baliram Hiray College Of Architecture, wishes to organize a drive to collect warm, festive clothes as well as educational toys and books for the children (6 months - 5 years) at Vikramgad Taluka in Palghar District . These will be distributed to them on 14th November 2021 (Sunday - i.e. on Children's Day) at Vikramgad.

We request everyone to kindly donate the following in good condition & properly functional.

  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Books

Last Date To Donate is 10th November.
For further information kindly contact the coordinators below-

  • Tanmay Dabhilkar (9075754804)
    (General Secretary)
  • Nimish Panchal (7715923746)
    (Social Cause Event Head)
  • Shantanu Sarwade (8104153034)
    (Social Cause Event Co-Head)

It gives us great pleasure to inform you all that our alumni Tejas Sidnal and his start-up, Carbon Craft Design has won the Third place at ClimateLaunchpad, an annual event in which 68 teams from all over the world took part virtually. This event is organised by EIT Climate -KIC--- a European know;edge and innovation community which awards entrepreneurs.

Sustainable Resilience: A case for vaastu Principles in Urban Planning

With great pride, we would like to announce that our faculty, Ar. Rahul Shinde has published a paper on "Sustainable Resilience: A case for vaastu Principles in Urban Planning" in the International Journal of Town Planning and Management.

The complete article can be accessed by clicking on the below given button:


In this current scenario where social distancing in the new normal, online education is the way forward, and we at Hiray College don't shy away from change. Our online lectures have been going on in full swing since May 15th, 2020 and our highly qualified faculties are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that no student lags behind.

Condolence message of Mr. Ajay Deshmukh- University of Mumbai Registrar

We would like to express our deepest condolences on the sad demise of Mumbai University Registrar Dr. Ajay Deshmukh, who passed away at 8:30 pm on July 02, 2020 after a short illness. We pray that his soul rest in eternal peace.

The staff of Hiray College express their sympathy and send their thoughts and prayers to the family and loved ones of Dr. Deshmukh.

Shahane Sir Demise Announcement

With a very heavy heart, we regret to inform you of the sad demise of our highly-esteemed, extremely valued and respected visiting faculty, Er. H. C. Shahane. His demise is an irreplaceable loss for our institution and he will be sorely missed. His magnetic personality and warm nature will always make us remember him fondly. May his soul rest in peace.

Speech by Ar.Vijay Garg on the Occasion of Felicitation Ceremony held on 21st July 2017

Dear Architects, Architects in the making and other distinguished members in the gathering.
Today I am honoured to have been invited by the DR. BALIRAM HIRAY COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE to felicitate the three of their brightest students. I am taking this opportunity to address you all about the future of the profession of Architecture in our Country.
Most of us come from Urban backgrounds and are well aware about the crisis that is staring in our face in terms of growing traffic, increasing crowds and insensitive addition to Urban Landscape in terms of insensitive “fighting for attention" kind of Architecture staring at us from every nook and corner of our Urban areas.
People wonder- are there no Architects or are the Architects of today incapable of handling this mess. When I deal with the professionals, I often hear that the way the Urban Agencies are giving out work opportunities to ‘professionals" for dealing with the subject, most Architects of substance are not participating in the "act of making the Indian city".
This in my opinion, is a serious cause of Concern. With nobody of substance, having the right energies, alliances or the mindset to deal with the current situation-head on, the Indian cities are at Crossroads today with no clear direction to take from hereon.
While the profession expects, bright young minds to add to the pool to deal with this situation, the Colleges are complaining that due to lack of faculty and support from their management, they are finding it extremely difficult to create the professionals with the required mindset to take on the challenges of the profession today.

The present is indeed confusing….
However, looking at today’s event, with the 3 university toppers coming out of one college, I see hope. I am sure that the faculty and management of this college would have had a clear understanding of today’s needs, have managed to find the right team of administrators and teaching faculty for training the young minds to get ready to deal with the profession in the future.
We are now in the times when due to the policies effected by the Govt. of India, India plans to reach a level of Urbanization by 2050 with over 90% of its population living in the Cities.
Thus, in terms of professional opportunities, the future is brighter than what is visible….
However, the challenges remains to make it happen.
So friends, here is my vision of a brighter Tomorrow….
Since the task is enormous, we all need to address the old problems in a new manner.
We need to redefine the whole profession on the basis of four pillars. As per my understanding of having worked for the past 30 years in all aspects of the profession, the pillars could be as follows –

  • Working Professionals in the Industry
  • Teachers and Researchers
  • Students
  • Professional Organizations like IIA

Every pillar has a meaningful contribution to be made for establishing their distinct place in the professional landscape of tomorrow.

  • The Working professionals in the Industry need to structure themselves to work together as one large team, respect the CoA – model code of conduct, not compete amongst themselves for fee but professional integrity for rediscovering the meaningful connect with Society that our Masters had during their existence. We had examples like Charles Correa who were responsible for New Mumbai, we are fortunate to still have Ar. BV Doshi who created Vidyadhar Nagar in Jaipur, we had Prof. Satish Grover who created Dwarka and may more that I might have missed out due to lack of information available.
  • The Teachers and Researchers need to come together on a common platform to identify the needs of tomorrow, work with the Industry to push research and provide the right stimulus to the budding architects for making them future ready.
  • The students need to be more focussed towards the present than imaging a wonderful future. In my almost 30 years of professional working, one thing has become absolutely clear to me. Whatever visions of the future, I might have, if I do not effect working on them in the present, one shall live to feel dejected in the future.
  • d. The Indian Institute of Architects that is now 100 years old needs to create a vision for the Industry for the future and redefine its existence to support the profession of the future. It needs to shed its image of being the body with no connect to the professionals that it has today and hence with little or no consequence to the profession.It needs to establish itself rightfully as the Voice of Indian Architects. The same is possible only, if the focus at the Institute management shifts from being there to having a vision for the Architectural fraternity and thereby being chosen to be there for reflecting the true state of the profession.

Thus, my young friends, the time is now to dream big, work with the four pillars to the best of our capacities,
augment the profession, come together & do something right for the future of Indian Cities.
The future is bright and awaiting you all.
Looking forward to seeing all of you near the top of the profession in the very near future.
All the best..

Ar. Vijay Garg



Tarash is the annual college fest held in the month of January . It includes a wide gamut of events like cultural programs, inter and intra college design competitions, photography competition,seminars, on the spots etc. It provides a platform to the students for displaying their talents.The inter college design competition is a great success with active participation from various colleges in Mumbai.

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It is an interactive initiative taken by Dr.Baliram Hiray College of Architecture to create a platform for synergy between students and professionals in the discipline of architecture to share views and ideas. It was started in 2014 to provide an insight to the students to understand the process through which a concept morphs into a successful design. In 2016 the speaker panel scaled new heights with speakers comprising of two internationally acclaimed architects.

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A daylong interactive and participatory seminar is held annually after Tarash. It intends to induce inspirational sparks giving a chance to contemplate and acknowledge that, in order to be inspired all we need to do is look. In Visionata speakers from various allied disciplines are invited to interact with the students and challenge the young minds to explore newer territories that would complement and reinforce their ongoing learning.

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Prerna Divas

PRERNA DIN is organized by Dr. Baliram Hiray College of Architecture to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Baliramji Hiray, the founder of this trust, on 16th December every year. This year, in light of the ongoing pandemic, it was conducted on an online platform, in the form of a Webinar followed by an intra-collegiate online Design competition.

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