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Welcome To Institute of Architecture

Architecture Site Visit Sessions

Welcome To LBHSST'S Dr.Baliram Hiray College of Architecture

Site Visit

Site Visit 1- Services

The faculty for second year Building Services organized a site visit, to a residential bldg., for the second year students.The students got a first hand experience of laying of drainage lines on site, construction of inspection chambers, disconnecting chambers and different types of traps used in drainage, etc.

Site Visit 2- Documentation For 3rd Year

Third year students were taken to vasai fort for documentation.

Site Visit 3- Building Construction

The faculty for third year Building Construction organized a site visit, to grant road, for the third year students to learn about pile foundation. This on site experience was very much appreciated by students since they got practical knowledge about the topic.

Site Visit 4- Out Door Sketching, Architectural Representation & Detailing

The faculty for first year A.R.D decided to pump up the creative geniuses of the students by organizing a city-outdoor sketch expedition at the CityPark,BKC,Mumbai.

Site Visit 5- Urban Conservation For 4th Year

Exploring The Water Heritage of Mumbai
Water Drinking Kiosk at important street nodes in Mumbai are unique to the city. It's a symbol of water charity. 4th Year students of Dr. Baliram Hiray College of Architecture explored this lost heritage of Mumbai by visiting 'Keshavji Nayak Pyau' at Masjid Bandar and by documenting 'D.P. Kothari Pyau' at important street node opposite G,P.O. built in the 19th century. This assignment was taken up as part of Urban Conservation elective.