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Welcome To LBHSST'S Dr.Baliram Hiray College of Architecture


  • Location Mumbai
  • June 29th , 2017

Innovation is the engine that powers our industry. The latest architectural innovations often are enabled by the latest technology innovations. This seminar focuses on the newest technologies emerging from the architecture industry that you can leverage to provide your end users the next level of service that they’re not even expecting yet.
This seminar series called TECHNOVATION is the combination of Technology and innovation and discusses the role of innovation in an emerging global world.


Saint Gobain India, were invited to speak to our students about Glass as a building material and its application in architecture. This seminar focused on difference between performance enhancement and structural improvement, coating technology, performance drivers of glass, need for technical analysis-model design report, software’s used to make design report, live preparation of a building to show them sun-path and day light analysis, acoustics and how glass helps in cutting sound. The speaker made the event interactive and fun for the students and also demonstrated tools used by them like Glasswizard, BIM objects.


Technovation-2 was a colourful event. The topic of discussion covered the different types of paint products available to the building industry. They presented various new technologies used to develop their product to make them future ready and eco-friendly. Also they spoke about various colour preferences with respect to different design styles. The psychology of colour and human needs were also discussed. The session helped the students understand and explore the possibilities of colour applications in executed design projects.