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Our Late Bhausaheb Hiray S.S. Trust has been established by Dr. Baliramji Hiray (Ex-Education Minister Government of Maharashtra) with the sole view of providing Quality Education to the people of Maharashtra in the year 1977. Ours is a charitable trust with leading social workers, philanthropists and doctors as members. With the above laudable objective of providing quality education at reasonable cost for urban and rural people, we are running colleges in Mumbai, Nasik and Malegaon and these colleges are offering a number of educational courses / programs for over 10,000 students. The trust has started various courses to cater for the various segments of people. It can be seen from the mile that we are marching on the path of victory in every field without exception.


The following institutes are run by the Trust in Malegaon:

  • College of Physical Education, Malegaon.
  • Polytechnic, Malegaon.
  • MBA College ,Malegaon.
  • MCA College ,Malegaon.
  • Industrial Training Institute(ITI) Malegaon.
  • College of Pharmacy ,Malegaon.
  • Various Secondary Schools in Rural Areas.

The other Professional Institutes run by the Trust in Mumbai are:

  • Dr. Baliram Hiray College of Architecture (Est.1994)
  • B.Arch Course affiliated to Mumbai University.
  • Masters in Architecture (Project Management) in 2010 affiliated to Mumbai University.
  • Institute of Computer Application (Est.2001).
  • Master of Computer Application affiliated to Mumbai University
  • Institute of Design (Est.1995)
  • Diploma in Interior Design and Management Course.



Though a majority of the educational institutions concentrate their efforts in improving their final results, they have to work on the improvement of other skills as well, due to the following reasons. If we analyse the life of the students in detail we will have to come to the conclusion that their life is highly structured from K.G. to graduation. This is because a majority of the parents are very ambitious about the educational performance of their wards and forcibly send their children to various curricular as well as extra-curricular classes. Naturally, we observe that almost all children are preoccupied with various classes, projects and other related activities every day. Virtually they have no free time for playing or interacting with others in a free atmosphere.

Hence they are not able to develop a real and meaningful relationship with other students or even with close relatives. It should be remembered that man is a social animal and the denial of development of social skills will definitely affect him mentally and physically.

It is important that all the educational Institutions should strive hard to develop the social skills of the students along with academic performance. As far as our Institute is concerned, we have laid out our core policy that our aim is for overall development of the students in all fields such as education, culture and sports. Hence we have made it a point to organize the Tarash Festival as an integral part of our curriculum for all the disciplines every year in a big way. It should be realized that this festival is of the students, by the students and for the students. Therefore all the students without exception take part in the various activities concerned with this mass festival and they are able to show their skills in planning, organizing, communicating and in the various other related activities without much help from the Institution. Naturally this festival gives a great opportunity for developing their social skills in particular, and they are able to fine tune their personality. Again we have gone one more step ahead by starting the "Save Tiger Movement" so that our concern for wild life and nature is developed in the early age of the students. We have organized two major rallies i.e. one from Mumbai to Goa(2011) and another from Mumbai to Kolhapur(2012). It is gratifying to note that the students of our college took active part in these rallies and this adds another feather to their cap in our efforts aimed at the overall development of the students. "Well done! Keep it up"

Prasad Hiray

Chief Co-Ordinator


The evaluation of an educational institution is on the basis of its results, placement, infrastructure, faculty and delivery of students. Though these are important factors the ultimate objective of education is to make each student responsible citizen. In the absence of this objective, mere outstanding achievements will not make an individual stable emotionally, socially, culturally & professionally.
At Hiray Group of Institutes our vision is to enable our students to attain the best of their capabilities. We provide our students as well as our faculty the opportunity to assume responsibility during various events, seminars, workshops held annually; thus enabling them to hone the qualities of leadership, impartially and integrity.
Our college is associated with an NGO, Tiger Conservation and Research Centre which spreads awareness towards conservation. Students take part in campaigns to reach out to people & educate them towards maintaining ecological balance.

On the 26th of January, Republic day each year our students visit an orphanage spend time with children, do activities with them and also donate useful articles to them.
Our Institute will shortly be celebrating its Silver jubilee year & each one of us is proud that our journey has been spectacular & fulfilling.
And to my students I would only like to say that the ways of life are not always easy. Its a real world out there,waiting to test you. Nothing is impossible the word itself says I'm Possible. Wishing you all the best in your efforts & careers.

"When it rains, look for the Rainbow
When its dark, look for the stars"

Geetanjali Prasad Hiray


We encourage academic excellence and independence of thoughts. Our endeavour is to support the career and personal development of the students. We are passionate about grooming leaders who are not only thorough professionals but also good human beings with values and can contribute to the overall development of the society.

To impart comprehensive education, keeping abreast with the existing trends to make students sensitive towards sustainable development, socio-cultural aspirations and thus actively participate in creating a better world.

  • To impart quality education through knowledge and skills, identifying both global and grass-root level needs and emphasizing on: "Think global and act Local" approach.
  • Instil professional ethics and conformity to rules and regulations.
  • To provide opportunities for all round development of personality through extracurricular activities.
  • To develop individuals with multifaceted personality who will successfully shoulder the responsibilities of the society

Our Quality Objectives as per ISO 9001: 2008

L.B.H.S.S T’s Institute Objectives:

To deliver quality education to the students and to implement the quality policy, Institution has defined certain quantitative measures to get into reality.

1. a) Minimum 90% results in the final year of MCA and B.Arch.

   b) Minimum 70% results in the final year of M.Arch(Urban Design) and Arch(Project Management)

2. Placement of minimum 50% students of Degree students.

3. Continuous compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 requirements.

4. Training Employees. (Minimum 2 days/ Employee/Year)

5. Organize TARASH (Cultural Function) Minimum 2 days, Sports Minimum 2 days.

6. 100% Adherence to Syllabus.