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    Mieke Gerritzen

  • The capacity to learn Is a gift ; the ability to learn is a skill ;the willingness to learn is a choice.

    Brian Herbert

  • Some people look for a Beautiful place, others make a place Beautiful.

    Hazrat Inayat Khan

About Institute of Design

In the metropolitan of Mumbai, there is a vast demand for specialised and trained Interior Designers & Decorator This demand is much less fulfilled by the Institutes presently offering education in Interior Designing and Decoration. Mumbai has witnessed dramatic changes in the field of Architecture and Interior Design. In fact, all the latest trends of design in this country have originated from Mumbai and as such city has a vast potential for formal training in this intricate field of INTERIOR DESIGNING.

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While the world has moved on such that you have a choice about everything, from how you like your tea / coffee to how you personalise your demine and bikes in megacities like Mumbai. On the other hand, design spaces scientifically and ergonomically considered & evaluated has still to catch up. While we have concepts such as public participation, do-it –yourself, mass customization, crowd sourcing etc. spanning several aspects of society, in Architecture & Interior Designing Field in India, it is very rarely and little to be seen.

What Student say about us

In this Institute & while learning Diploma in computer Aided Interior Space Design course – "The Quality of teaching and the friendly atmosphere around has made it a great place to experience worthwhile thrills"

I enjoyed the freedom to become independent and settle in to a new family like over wheeling enjoyment with lots of experience and confidence built up within us by our teachers.

In our Institute thing that impressed me the most was the dedication from teachers, who went out of their way to teach and provide outstanding support. During my study period I have gained a wide range of skills such as Personality Enhancement & communication skills and designing with ergonomical consideration. And I have been told that in a final year subject like project study is a trump card in diploma course.

Interior Designing is a field with uniqueness and individuality, the passion which comes from within the individual. Being a part of this course the Hiray Institute of Design is like knowing your own individuality. The faculty is always available and willing to teach and help. Here, the potentials are harnessed skills are developed, confidence is built and dreams realised.

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